​​​Institute for Applied Research into Energy Systems (ENERGY)

The ENERGY institute supports and encourages the development of sustainable energy supply and energy management in our society. The institute’s aim is to build up research and development partnerships with industry, other academic partners and public bodies. The institute works actively to transfer knowledge and technology to key industrial sectors:

  • construction
  • energy generation and distribution
  • production (energy consumers).

Innovation topic

There will be considerable changes in power supply, energy generation and distribution systems in the course of the 21st century. Fossil fuel depletion, climate change, the phasing out of nuclear power, the growth of renewable energy sources and decentralization of production will all have a major impact on technological developments.

The ENERGY institute, with its strong interdisciplinary competences, is contributing to the move towards a low-energy society, developing ways of rationally using energy sources with minimum greenhouse gas emissions.