• ACTIVE INTERFACES - Holistic strategy to accelerate the transposition of advanced BIPV adapted solutions into real innovative practices FNS

    Active Interfaces FNS 407040_153728

    Project leader: Bacher Jean-Philippe
    Research axis: Energétique du bâtiment et du quartier
    Building-integrated photovoltaic systems (BIPV) could be a high growth market with high impact for the economy and the "Energiewende". A better understanding of the technology acceptance and of the needs of the market is required for the design of optimised solutions and to ensure efficient knowledge and technology transfer. Value proposition breakdown along the value chain is essential to guarantee benefits for each actors. The research will focus on the systems studied and developed in the joint project, in the context of urban renewal in general and applied to the City of Neuchatel.
    Once realistic and promissing value propositions will be assessed for the key market segments and technologies, the project will focus on the design and implementation of communication and knowledge transfer tools.